KY-022 IR Receiver module can only control the left motor?

HI! I am having issues with my mini sumo project.I've ordered a KY-022 IR Receiver Module and I am trying to start/stop my robot by a remote.

I am using a clone Nano and I've attached the board I'm using along with the code.

My issue is when I set both the motors to go forwards or backwards the only motor that listens is the one on the left.The right one doesnt move an inch.I've created a code with what I need for motor controlling (mind you that I need to control multiple sensors for a mini sumo) and it worked the same,with only the left one going the way that I want.

I think I have found the "problem",when I delete the receiver enabling code from the setup and paste a simple motor control code into the loop it turns on both the motors even when I have the receiver on the board.But that completely disables the receiver as you might've guessed.I am looking for a code that makes that line a "one time use" code though I am not sure if that would even fix it.

It would mean so much to me if one of you could give me an answer because there isnt much time left for the competition and the only thing I need is remote control :frowning:

I'll do my best to provide you with more info.

minisumoIRproblems.ino (2.41 KB)

More people will see your code if you post the code as instructed in the how to use this forum sticky.