KY015 module error

So i’m working on a small project to add some sense of automation to where i live. I used every aspect of my project on its own to make sure everything is working. At first i tried controlling lighting with a LDR and it worked without problems. I, then added a servo to control my curtains and it worked just fine along with the lighting. I used the ky015 on its own to make sure it works. Now i’m trying to put all this into one single arduino code and everything went fine except for the ky015 module. It always returns a 0 value for both humidity and temperature when used in this case. I need it work on its own to be able to send an alarm signal and also control the drain’s top cover in case water leaks.
I’ve attached all the codes and screenshots which you can download and check for what’s wrong. I double checked my wiring and all are in place as intended.
I believe the error is where i try to call the values of humidity and temp in the final code. If there’s anyway to help me call and store them correctly i’d be appreciated.

LDRservo.ino (376 Bytes)

humidtemp.ino (1.14 KB)

Drain_Curtain_lights.ino (1.81 KB)

Uh, you’re never calling the function that reads the DHT 11…

WOW ! That was embarrassing. sorry i wasted your time, everyone...