L am looking for a Arduino code programmers freelancer

Hi i,m looking for person to hire to write code for led phases array photons torpedoes with sound for my model kit if any one can point me in the right direction it would be a great help thank u

the Gigs and Collaboration forum would be the right place to advertise this

Post in the "Gigs and Collaboration" forum.

I have now moved the topic to the "Gigs and Collaborations" category.

If you provide details about the project, it might be easier for people to judge if they are interested in doing the job.

Yes. Anyone would like to know more.

Can you describe (or is there a video by anyone) that shows the kind of LED effects you are aiming for and their type (generically) and number?

Do you have a particular sound making device in mind? What kind of audio power do you think will suffice?

What are the physical constraints and how are you planning to power it all?

It sounds like you do not wish to attempt any aspect of this yourself; that's fine, we all have the things we like as well as the things we would just as soon pay someone else to take care of.

Speaking of pay, what kind of budget do you have? Is this a one-off?


i,ll post it to u i just have to find it

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