"L" LED, newbie problem


I've been going through the Arduino "get started" tutorial with a new arduino USB board I borrowed from my school. I'm running a Macbook Pro, Arduino 0007 Alpha, and I just got the latest USB driver. However, all I'm getting out of the board is a constant blink from the "L" LED, at a rate of around 3 Hz or so (in addition to the power LED). I've been attempting to load the led_blink test; whenever I press the reset button on the board the mad blinking stops for about 10 seconds, then resumes. I've been trying various timings on when I hit the verify button, but nothing seems to make a difference. This is essentially the message I get every time:

Binary sketch size: 3676 bytes (of a 7168 byte maximum)

No errors. I read on another recent thread about similar (but not identical) problems, and some of them were just faulty boards - if you think that may be the case with me I can try borrowing a different board. (I'd like to buy one but first I'd like to get one of these working first.)

Thanks for any ideas! Looking forward to making this work so I can start doing more.

Try the "upload" button after pressing the reset button. "Verify" simply does what it says and verifies the sketch.

a-Ha! I had a feeling it was something simple. :) Thanks, seems to be working now.

No problem ;)