L led not blinking

I was just making bluetooth controlled car using L298 motor driver. What I actually did wrong was I connected the 5V output coming from motor driver to 5V output pin of arduino . I was supposed to connect in Vin. This resulted my arduino board to get heated up for few secs . I kinda got afraid and just disconnected. Now my led doesnt blink at all. The “ON” led and “L” led is on where it is supposed to blink. Is the board is permanently damaged or is there anything I can do? Please guys my car was just completed but just due to a silly mistake I couldnt complete it. Please suggest me the best way.

Does pressing reset make the LED blink?

Does it still detect on USB?

What part of it got hot?

Sir you actually pointed out my problem
The answer is no the reset doesnt make the led blink
And furthermore I assume the ATMEGA IC …that was the hottest part I felt I guess.
And yaa I need to say the serial port is highlighted gray…I cant change the port…
I have attached the following pics so that you may be familiar with my problem
@DrAzzy i hope for ur reply…