L light keeps blinking

so i bought my first arduino and when i connected it (by usb) to my pc the L led started flickering.

so i tried expirimenting with the code :

void setup() {

  // do nothing except force 13 led on
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);

and it still keeps flickering on and off. something else i've noticed is that when i hold the red button (i believe that's the reset button) the led stops flickering and just stay's on.

UPDATE 1: when i'm in Control Panel > Device Manager > Ports i see that there are only 2 coms. com3 and com4, both say standard serial connection with bluetooth.

UPDATE 2: i de-installed the arduino software (ide), restarted my pc and plugged in the arduino to see if it asked for drivers or if something would pop up. results: nothing happend and still have the same issue

What model and brand did you buy? There are many kinds these days, "Arduino" doesn't narrow it down enough.

You say you have been experimenting with the code, but it also sounds like you are not able up upload the code successfully to the Arduino in any case. Do you believe you have successfully uploaded that sketch? What messages did you see in the IDE messages window?