L293 shield,Help with power source for ps2 controller and Dfplayer-miniamplifier

Hi, I need help because I´m new in the arduino world…so I have an arduino mega with a l193 shield to control 3 dc motors(12v each one) for that reason i use an external battery(11.1V, 2800mAh lipo battey) and 7.1 2500mAh lipo battery for the arduino mega.So i want to use a ps2 inalambric control and a dfplayer to a pam8403 amplifier with 2 speaker(3w8ohm each one) so the l193 shield has to solder 5v,9v inputs and ground inputs and the problem is where do i need to supply the amplifier and the ps2 control.for that reason you can see in the image how i want to connect everything and the circles in red where are the 5v,9, and ground inputs so can you explainme the functions of that inputs because i supose that they are differences between the 2 circles.I think that the ones is to conecct to the 5v that came for the arduino and the others for connect to the external supply .so am I right,what do you recomend?