L293D Driver Input Problem

Hi! I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure how it does work around here, hope I'll be doing fine ^.^

Anyways, so due to a tension peak, the driver of an automated bed, which just goes up and down with the click of a remote, got destroyed. So I took a look inside the whole driver and I found myself a very old set of Darlington transistors and I said to myself: "I could do this better".

At first, I took the decision to not use Arduino and so I bought a couple of NAND gates and made a pretty decent schematic of myself. Anyways, the problem came when using the L293D (a quadrupel half-H driver) and I found myself at a dead end. I followed the normal setup that you can find on any web page, still the motor didn't work.

And here is the strange part, when I hooked one of the driver inputs (which is supposed to go to +5V) to +5V, it didn'tmove. OK. So I tried the other side of the IC... Same problem. I started wondering what have I done wrong. And I realised that if you hook the driver input to GND, it did work! Still that isn't what the datasheet tells.

Why is that happening? Should I buy a new IC? Or maybe, should I try using an Arduino to make it work...? I have no idea... Any help will be well received :slight_smile:

Why have you included a picture of what you definitely are not using but not included anything useful like a circuit diagram of what you are using?

My guess is you're trying to use the L293D incorrectly or your wiring is faulty or your power supply is wrong.