L293d Driver

I am a beginner and I need help. I created this robot using a L293d, 2 motors, a 12v water pump, and also 3 hc-sr04 sensors. It's all hooked up into an Arduino Uno. For some reason, the left side motor was spinning and acting the way it should, but the right side seemed to be lacked out. I swapped motors like 3 times, and still doesn't work. Please Help. I need this to be done today.

What do you exactly mean with to be lacked out? And did you put a Volt meter over the problem motor, what does that tell you?

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I swapped out motors, but it din't moved, even though they were brand new motors.

For now, let's assume your motors are good, since they are brand new, and you got one working. Have you checked all connections on your breadboard? Have you tried connecting a Volt meter to the motor outputs, and looked at the voltages you get there while you "order" the Arduino to get your motor running.

Yes, I have checked all the connections. I don't have a volt meter, but it seemed like one side wasn't working. All the connections are secure, and the motor still won't run.

So, I understand it's all very hard to explain, but you have one side that is working? Without a Voltmeter it's hard to do a diagnose, but you could make a simple Voltmeter with an LED and a 120 Ohm resistor in series, but do be aware of the polarity of the LED. This way you can test if there is 5 Volt on the + motor pin.

What are you powering all this with? How is everything connected? If the motors are o.k. then it's probably either bad wiring or bad code but you haven't shown us either of them.

It could also be not enough power but that's not quite so likely if you're trying to run one motor at a time and only one side runs whichever motor you have connected to that side.


I found out that I wired the one of the enable pins to ground, but thanks for the advice!

I'm glad for you that you got it solved