L293D motor driver

Hi guys,
I am using an L293D motor driver to drive 2 dc motors.
I can't get the motors to do anything.
I'm just trying to get some help.
Before I try a new chip is there anything wrong with the code below?

int LeftMotorForward = 8;
int LeftMotorReverse = 6;
int RightMotorForward = 10;
int RightMotorReverse = 12;

void setup()
pinMode(LeftMotorForward, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RightMotorForward, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LeftMotorReverse, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RightMotorReverse, OUTPUT);

void loop()

digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, HIGH);
digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RightMotorReverse, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftMotorReverse, LOW);

digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, LOW);
digitalWrite(RightMotorForward, LOW);
digitalWrite(LeftMotorForward, LOW);

Thanks heaps,

Code seems to be ok. Double-check the connections and be sure of the pins used.

In particular check you have 5V on the 293's EN pins, 1 & 9 as below. (Arduino pins won't match yours.....)

edit: Also make sure you have enough voltage supplied to pin 8 to allow the 293's inherent voltage drop, and that your source has enough current.

#define M1_ENA        7    // Motor M1 ENABLE Out                                                                                                                                  
#define M1_FWD        8    // Motor M1 IN1 Out
#define M1_REV        9    // Motor M1 IN2 Out

void setup() {
  pinMode (M1_ENA,OUTPUT);              //7
  pinMode (M1_FWD,OUTPUT);              //8  
  pinMode (M1_REV,OUTPUT);              //9

void loop() {
  M1_PWMFwd (255);
  delay (5000);
  M1_PWMRev (255); 
  delay (5000);

// *********************************************************
// Various Short Functions to assist in running Motor Card

void M1_PWMFwd (byte pwm){
  digitalWrite (M1_REV,LOW);     //M1_REV
  analogWrite  (M1_FWD,pwm);     //M1_FWD
  digitalWrite (M1_ENA,HIGH);    //M1_ENA

void M1_PWMRev(byte pwm){
  analogWrite  (M1_REV,pwm);     //M1_REV
  analogWrite  (M1_FWD,0);       //M1_FWD
  digitalWrite (M1_ENA,HIGH);    //M1_ENA

void M1_Stop(void){              
  analogWrite  (M1_FWD,0);      //M1_FWD
  analogWrite  (M1_REV,0);      //M1_REV
  digitalWrite (M1_ENA,HIGH);   //M1_ENA


Not necessary to STOP before reversing but it "brakes" the motor before slamming it in reverse.
Obviously the 2nd motor would take different pins, etc.
Using #define lets you name pins without using variable space.

Thanks heaps for all your help I will give these new codes and options ago.