L293d motor sheild

How should i use this motor shield???

I attached its photo below!


Is this the same shield?


I have a lot of doubts in how to use those unused pins???

Have you read through the tutorial on the Adafruit website?

What do you want to use the shield for?

I want to control four dc motors seperately... and i also want those pins in the arduino which are covered by the shied.....(I was actually creating a bot controlled by IR and Rf )

Looks like it can drive four DC motors.

Some of the Arduino pins are brought out on the shield. There are details in the FAQ section of the Adafruit tutorial.

I cant understand it... thats the problem!!

watch this video, this will surely help :stuck_out_tongue:

do you understand how a shield is plugged into the arduino?

the screw terminals connect to the motors.
the pins that connect into the arduino connect to the arduino pins you need to use to control the motors.

this should be a easy project.

download the instruction manual, although the college professor, er, instructoor should be slapped for not forcing the writer to understand the difference between a blog/chat room and a manual.