L293D motor speed problem

I use an n50 motor and battery 3.7v x2 total of 7.4v. if I directly connect motor to battery then I get good speed but I used L293D motor diver then motor speed is too low.

Try three batteries, or join the 21st century and get a FET bridge.

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The antique L293D can eat up to 4V of your 7.4V leaving you only 3.5V or so for the motor.


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I used four battery 3.7v total around 12v and my output is 11.56v but still not good speed. please tell me can I use it another way. please help me.

Post a data sheet for the motor.

Post your test code. Read the forum guidelines. Use the IDE autoformat tool (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto Format) to indent the code for readability before posting code.

Pololu has a great line of modern MOSFET output DC motor drivers.

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I'm bye N50 motor sir please check this link.

and i'm flow in this diagram.

L293D is good for absolute maximum 600mA continuous current.

What is the stall and running (under load) current requirement of the motors?

What is the motor supply voltage with the motor off and what is the motor supply voltage with the motor running?

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I need 7v to 9v and my required 20mA. I directly connect battery then get 20mA to 23mA but if use motor controller then get only 6mA to 8mA.
I need min 20mA.

Then maybe there is a problem with the code that you haven't posted.


currently, I do no use Arduino. please sir check my diagram i just use 5v all high Input.

20mA doesn't seem very much for a motor.

I have absolutely no idea what that means.

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