L293D-motorcontroller kills Ardi-Nano !?

good morning,
in this case i guess my experience could help to avoid damage &:

for controlling a model-railway-switch i wired Ardi-Nano with L293D (motor-controlling similar to a h-bridge),
not beeing aware that the bridge could be defect (delivered just before)

as the Input pin of the L293D had motor-voltage (15V instead of a low level
for input) the connected pin at Ardi got this high level and Ardi seems to be damaged &: no uploading possible and recommended loopback-test fails.

the additional delivered items of the bridge seem ok after testing and can control the switch.

so I learned to check delivered items on breadboard before using them :roll_eyes:

guess to wire diodes between ardi and additional items or use optic-coupling :thinking:

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