l293d using 2 motors, please help.

Hi, i'm new to Arduino and I wanted to hook up two motors with and l293d chip to get a mini 2-wheeler going. I am not really sure how to set it up on my breadboard. I have an Arduino UNO that is laid out on my breadboard as well, not the whole thing itself, i mean its in pieces hooked up on my breadboard. So now i have the l293d and the Arduino on the same breadboard. I want to hook up two motors, that's it. For the coding i am not sure either. I just need to know how to make it go forward.

Please help.

upload a good photo of what u got on that breadboard. (straight above - no flash)

If you do a search for “arduino L293” you will get a ship load of hits for wiring and code. L293 is a very popular motor driver IC.