L293D vs. L293NE

I just want to be sure I understand the difference between the two.

L293D has inbuilt protection diodes, while L293NE does not, am I right ? (yeah I know the latter is rated a bit higher, I am asking only about clamping diodes)

Ohh what about L293DNE ? is it like a newer version of the two ? one that has both the higher output of L293NE and inbuilt clamping diodes of L293D ??

I've read the datasheet but I am still a bit lost.

( datasheet here>> http://standby-shop.eu/photo/_pdf/L293.pdf?sess_id=a5dc5d224a1a44887ff009d9ed1b9a0c )

The L293N/L293NE/L293DNE are the 16 pin packages. The L293DWP is a 28 pin package.

The L293N/L293NE do not have diodes. The L293DNE/L293DWP do have diodes.

The E indicates lead free.

Hope this helps.

I think I know why it is that difficult to understand :slight_smile:


It would be better if they had written a new data sheet rather than revised (poorly) the old one