After much confusion I've got 2 motors doing what they are supposed to :slight_smile:

good to hear!

Well, then good job.

How about telling about that confusion, and how you managed it.
Might help others that run into the same thing.

Well to be honest I was being inpatient waiting for a 4wd robot kit to arrive from China. And was experimenting with 1 old motor the l293d H bridge and a arduino uno r3
and Not knowing what the proper voltage for the motor.
Being a newby to arduino and electrics trying to understand the data sheet combined with lots of conflicting information from Google and youtube it came down to trial and error.

Vcc2 voltage needs to be higher than vcc1
Vcc1 voltage =5 volts or more
Use both sides of l293d if you only want to run 1 dc motor conect the inputs and outputs together ie
You may also need to conect 1-9 pwm
Hope this helps someone

Simon :slight_smile: