I recently finished my very first line follower. When I was ready to test the wheels it turned out they wont move at all. I have L293d motor shield since I am completely new to this I looked up few tutorials so find out what parts to go with. I now know it was not a wise choice but its a bit too late. I have 4 AA 1.5V batteries to run the motors and 9V to power the arduino. I included the picture of the motor shield with the motors connected. When I switch it on I can only hear some sounds coming from the motors (the classic dc motors that come with every line follower kit) but the wheels are not actually turning. I did try stronger batteries but that resulted only in brighter green light :smiley:
So basically, does anything look odd about the connections or could it be the standard voltage drop problem that Im facing here? If so what could I do about it?

Thank you for any advice :slight_smile:

The L293D is ancient, weak and terribly inefficient. It can handle only very small motors, and drops as much as 4V internally, so your 6V battery has only 2V left to power the motors.

I suggest to use a modern, much more efficient motor driver, like one of these from Pololu.

Choose one that can handle the stall current of your motors.

Since you already have that crappy v1 motor shield, try with six AA batteries in series (9volt).
Make sure you use fresh batteries that can provide the motor current (Alkaline/NiMh).

Thank you, I will give it a shot and also look for something more reliable.