L298 to TB6600 driver and motor swap


Im trying to get this code (attached) to work with my setup. The code was originally used with a L298 stepper driver and a geared 1/3 , 200 step motor for 600 step/revolution.
I am using a TB6600 Microstep driver (set at 400steps and 2A) , a 14hs4401s Nema 17 with 0.9* for a 400 step/revolution, a 12v 2A power supply and a Arduino Uno board.
I have changed the Steps in the code from 600 to 400, but i guess its not that simple.
My first problem is that the code wants connection to ENA and ENB, but my TB6600 does not have this input as the L298 has.
With ENA and ENB disconnected it makes the motor lock and when im running the code it steps a tiny bit back and forth. Connections:

Arduino pin TB6600

2 ENA not connected
3 > DIR+
4 > DIR-
5 ENB not connected
6 > PUL+
7 > PUL-

sketch_CamWerks.ino (3.98 KB)

The code for the L298 and for the TB6600 are going to be different and the way that you have the TB6600 wired is not right.

See this PDF for how to wire the TB6600.

Use the AccelStepper library examples to learn how to control the stepper. Install the AccelStepper library via the IDE library manager.

And here is a page with comprehensive instructions for the TB6600 stepper driver, wiring to Uno and Accelstepper library code.

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