l298n and helion 390 motor

currently i have the osepp motor driver http://osepp.com/products/breakout-board/motor-driver-module/A and im looking to use it with a HLNA0559 Motor, Brushes, 390 Size, RR hopping it puts out enough power anyone have any experiance with this?

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I couldn't find information about how much current your motor draws but I think it's a safe bet it draws more than the L298N can deliver.

My guess is you need a motor driver capable of between 10A and 20A.

What is the motor powering? Do you have some sort of gearbox?

The motor is powering an RC car the helion CONTAKT 12TR

There might be a way to hack the combined receiver/ESC on that thing. If not, you could use a brushed ESC like one of these two options.

I don't use RC cars but my guess is the $10.45 ESC would work.

The L298N isn't nearly powerful enough for your car.

You'd control the ESC with the same sort of pulses used to control servos.

im ordering a 20$ ESC i called a few places they said 2-30 a would be fine
thanks for the help