L298N DC Motor Controller with encoder and Arduino - Getting Started

I have been trying to get some information possibly a step-by-step information on how to integrate a DC motor that I have which has got some inbuilt encoders, connect it with the L298N H bridge and possibly control that whole thing from Arduino. I could find some tutorials and sketch but the information is not descriptive enough for me to be able to reproduce it and try it on my own. So I thought of asking this in the forum here with the hope that someone could point me to some good step-by-step information (possibly with some fritzing sketch).

I would suggest starting with reading some basic electronic tutorials, then the Arduino tutorials. There is a lot of on line information for you, it just will take a bit of time. A handy reference is the Arduino Cookbook, it would have all the information you want. Start by breaking it down into steps and make each step work before progressing onto the next. I would highly recommend you learn how to read and possibly draw a schematic, the fritzing stuff is hard to figure out at best. You can get a full integrated design package for free, it is called KiCad.

I will give the Arduino cookbook a try. Could you alternatively suggest any good quick to read online tutorials?