L298N Dual-H Bridge DC Motor Driver

Im a beginner to all of this and I need some help with this motor driver. I plugged in a battery pack with 6 AA batteries in it and it short circuited. Luckily I bought 2! Any idea what went wrong so I don't do it again?

Hi, can you post a picture of how you connected it, without batteries fitted please, so we can see what went wrong?

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or picture of hand drawn circuit in jpg, png or pdf format.

Tom.... :)

All I really did was plug it in and try to get power.

You plugged it into.. what?

The Arduino? The Driver?

Is the L298N a bare chip on a breadboard? a pcb?..etc..

Did you have the connections correct? (not reverse polarity?)

How about some pics?

The 298 has 2 different voltage connections: one is to power the motor (up to 46V) and the other is the logic. The latter is typically 5V and 7V is allowed: so if you put 9V (6x1.5) onto that I guess something may have popped.