L298n dual h-bridge driver

Hello guys, i have a l298n driver, and earlier i have accidentally connect the positive wire of my nimh rechargeable battery to the driver's negative terminal but not too long because i have quickly noticed that there's a different smell, now my problem is i dont if it damage my l298n driver module because my newly nimh battery always drain quickly? Thanks.

Hi, If your nimh is draining quickly when you connect it to the driver module, and it has a smell, then you have damaged the driver module.

Tom.... :)

The drive is working fine, there's no smoke also. Im thinking if i damaged the battery too. I bought the battery a total of 12v so the pack has a total of 10 batteries, then i removed the 2 batteries because all i need is 9.6v only to fit it in the battery slot after that i repacked but as a result, it drains so fast as 15secs only if my calculation is right.

Hi, Have you given them a good charge up?

Tom.... :)