L298n H bridge usage query

Scenrio is:
I have one UNO, and 12 dc motors of 12v... and all are always moving in 1 direction always and always on.
I am using 6 L298n H bridge.
And all 6 L298n are having seperate Dc 12v supply from dc adapter.
Arduino is for only to change the speed of individual motor...

Question is:

Can I join in1 and in3 of every L298n to its own regulated 5v pin 6 (of l298n) and in2 and in4 to of L298n to its own GND pin 5 (of l298n)...

So arduino is only changing the enA and enB Pin 7 and 10 of every L298n to change its speed...

This way, only 2 pins of arduino can use for every L298n h bridge.

Please reply...
And sorry if im asking silly question :confused:

Not a silly question, yes I think that works - use PWM pins for the enables of course.

Thank you :slight_smile: