L298N jumpers

I just got a L298N and I'm planning to use a motorcycle battery as a power supply for the DC motors.

In this tutorial link says to remove the jumpers if the power supply is more than 12V. I just checked the battery and is around 14V. Is that too much. Would be great if I can leave the jumper so I can power the arduino with the 5V output, but don't want to risk burning something.


That's not a feature of the L298N but of that specific module (breakout board). If you have exactly the same module you should remove the jumper because the used voltage regulator for 5V shouldn't get more than 12V.

Sales dudes could have grabbed a number out of a hat. 12volt seems a nice number. Investigate yourself if you want to know.

You can find max voltage of that 5volt regulator (flat on the board) in the datasheet of the regulator. Look at the voltage rating of the capacitor that is connected from the input of that regulator to ground. Now you know the true max input voltage.

There is ofcourse also a thermal concern. You can draw less from the 5volt output if input voltage increases. Calculate power used in the regulator by multiplying current draw with voltage across the regulator. e.g. 14volt in, 5volt out, 100mA draw for the Arduino/sensors = (14-5)*0.1= 0.9watt. About max power (~1watt) before a regulator like that (without heatsink) starts to overheat. Leo..