L298N & L297 for stepper motor?

Hi, I am going to build the driver for my unipolar stepper motor using L298N & L297 according to following attached image. I think it is for bipolar stepper motor as there is not any place to attach stepper motor common wire. Please guide me how can I use this driver for unipolar stepper motor.

My unipolar stepper motor is this This is my circuit

Can you find the data sheet for your motor? http://www.mitsumi.co.jp/latest/Catalog/compo/motor/index_e.html

Probably you can ignore the common wire, leave it unconnected.

I apply the pulses as keeping Enable to 1 and Clock to 1 & 0 again & again to move the step. But it did not. Why? What is batter way to issue pulses from parallel port?