L298N +L297+ GRBL simple question

Hi guys , simple question , can i use the L298N and L297 with grbl ?i'm working on a cnc machine and i want build my own board and i was wondering if the grbl support this method of driving , thanks all

AFAIK GRBL is designed to work with specialized stepper drivers (such as the Pololu A4988) that take step and direction inputs. If that is true then the simple answer is NO. In any case an L298 is a very poor choice for driving a stepper motor.

Have a look at Stepper Motor Basics


alright got it , thank you. but let's say i want build my own board , then which driver should i use ? the A4988 ?and i'm reading your post at this moment , pretty useful , good job

The first thing to do is choose a stepper motor that is suitable for the application.

Then choose a stepper driver that is suitable for the motor. Almost all stepper drivers are controlled the same way with step and direction signals from the Arduino.