L298N Maximum voltage

Hi, i’ve got six 18650 bateries, and i was using three in paralel for the L298N (I know, it says 12v but well you know). So i wounder if i can use more 18650 bateries.
Thank you for your time.

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Ok, that is the catalog photo. We've seen that. How about a picture that is related to YOUR project?

Batteries in parallel do not increase the voltage. If you don't already have a multimeter, buy one. The absolute cheapest will let you measure voltage.

3 x 18650 cells in PARALLEL will only give you 3.7V nominal, well below 12V. And you can put as many more as you like in parallel with them and it will still only be 3.7V (4.2V fully charged).

But anyway the maximum supply voltage for a L298N is 46V.


But anyway the maximum supply voltage for a L298N is 46V.

True, but not for the module.

  1. the 35volt max supply caps.
  2. voltage and dissipation of the onboard 5volt regulator if you use it to power logic of the chip plus Arduino.

There is a jumper to disconnect that 5volt supply though.

I thought that just for once I'd just answer only the question that was asked instead of spending ages trying to guess at what the OP might mean.

I also suspect the OP may have the batteries connected in series not parallel but how are we to tell?