L298n module to control injector

Hello i plan to make a gip to make a small 135cc engine fuel injected with a fuel injector but can I use the L298N ? and how do i have to code that with a hall sensor and lambdasonde ?

Maybe, but why would you use an ancient and, frankly, crappy motor driver for that. Much better a logic level MOSFET or injector driver.

simple MOSFET injector driver.

What is the current requirement of the injector?

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witch mosfet should i use then and is there a diode over the injector ? and how do you code that driver ?

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Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Before looking for an injector driver, choose your injector, its electrical characteristics will govern what you use,
A H-Bridge is not suitable, if you knew how an injector is driven, you need a specific MOSFET to do the job.
You will need to also control ignition and timing.

A basic block diagram of your proposed system would help.

Have you programmed an Arduino before?

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hey I am a 17year old student the injector is 12v and i guess 1A i gonna make a throttle body with a servo and i also have a oxygen sensor this is optional but handy i am a learning student i have made all the epalsite arduino projects with optional exercises from my teacher but i wouldn’t know how to start on this thanks for helping me!

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