l298n motor control board

I'm really embarrassed that I have to ask this, but I can't figure out how to use my l298n motor controller board that I found on ebay. I thought this would be really easy to use, but I can't figure it out. Right now I am trying out different things with a multimeter. The output voltage seems to keep fluctuating between -0.2v and +0.2v. The pins I have are: motor 1(positive and negative), motor 2(positive and negative), Vcc (motor voltage),GND,5v (logic stuff). I also have 8 pinheads sticking out ("IN1"-4,"ENA","ENB" and 2x "5v"). Two jumpers came with it.

Right now I connected Vcc to +5 on arduino (remember this is just for testing, once I use a motor I will change that), GND to GND and +5v to pin 11. Tried a few different things, but the only one I actually expected to work was pwm. It didn't. I confirmed (using my multimeter) that I was giving 3.5pwmvolts to logic input.

What am I forgetting? I know it's something pretty obvious.

I've also bought a L298n board on ebay. I got mine to work -> http://www.bajdi.com/arduino-rc-car-part-1-motor-control/

What kind of motor are you using? Follow a wiring example online. Look here: http://arduino-direct.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=127

If it's a stepper motor try my library?

Thanks, both of those boards were almost exactly the same as mine. I think I got it to work. Need to test a bit more. Sorry, i'm not using a stepper motor, but i'll use your library when i use one.