L298N motor control


I'm trying to control an ordinary 5 V DC Motor with the Arduino Board and the L298N H-Bridge. I didn't yet figure out how the drive the motor in both directions in different speeds.

This is the way I connected the L298N to the Arduino: Motor: Pin 2 and 3 Ground: Pin 1,8,15 +5V: 4 and 9 PWN9: Pin 5 PWN10: Pin 6 PWN11: Pin7

Here you can find the datasheet of the L295N: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/search.php?q=L298N&sType=part&ExactDS=Starts

In programming I just switch PWN9 and PWN10 to high but the motor doesn't move.

Could anyone please tell me if I connected it correctly and what I have to do to make it work?


So long trip

Hello tripmaster,

Your wiring seem to be good so I think that is your code that is bad.

If pins 5 (In1) and 7 (In2) of the l298 are at the same level the motor stop quickly. If they are at different levels, the motor turn in one direction or the other.

If the pin 6 (Enable) is low the motor don't turn is "free" (I don't know how to say "en roue libre").

summary :

Enable : LOW -> Nothing

Enable : HIGH :

In1 and In2 : LOW or HIGH -> Quick stop In1 : LOW and In2 HIGH -> the motor turn in one direction In1 : HIGH and In2 LOW -> the motor turn in the other direction