L298n power consumption

I have a L298n that I want to power with 16v for a model railway track power.
According to the spec sheet it should handle this - just want to be sure as it does
seem to get hot.

Any thoughts/suggestions.

L298n always gets hot.. It needs a good cooling, and even then it isn't made to last long under some conditions..

Thanks for answering would you have a alternative driver you could suggest.

Voltage is just one piece of the pie, how much CURRENT are you asking the L298 to handle?

There are several, depending how much current you need and how much space you have AND how thick your wallet is.. Most of them support DIR and STEP signals like the L298n

Do you know how to measure the current or do you have the current spec from the user manual ?

If someone tries to tell you that they get hot, they do, but only under specific circumstances.

How much current? Will you be using PWM?

The item I am replacing has the following on it:

I am afraid thats all I have.

500mA then. You could use the L298N for that, or even the L293D, which is good for up to 600mA.

Thank you all. I will give the L298n motor driver a shot then.

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