L3g4200D + Unojoy + Arduino Uno = Head tracking for flight simulation

I am a complete noob, I just got into Arduino but am a long time flight simulator user and real life pilot. I want to set up a head tracker to use in flight simulations. I understand that it is possible to do this with the three axis gyro and arduino using unojoy to make it a HID. I got the gyro set up on the arduino and am getting serial report from it. Can anyone link me a simple sketch for unojoy that only uses the x,y,z axis and no buttons. I got unojoy to work as HID but when I load it all the buttons are going crazy because nothing is hooked up except the gyro, so I want to eliminate everything but the gyro input for now. Later I plan to build full sim cockpit and understand how to wire buttons and switches into arduino and use unojoy for that purpose. Thanks for helping a noob out :slight_smile: