L3GD20 gyroscope initializing not working

Hello guys,

i’ve just bought this clone of the adafruit 10 dof sensor imu on ebay. The accelerometer, the magnometer and the barometer seem work fine but i can’t get the gyroscope working.

I use the sample Adafruit sensor code for testing:

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_Sensor.h>
#include <Adafruit_L3GD20_U.h>

/* Assign a unique ID to this sensor at the same time */
Adafruit_L3GD20_Unified gyro = Adafruit_L3GD20_Unified(20);

void displaySensorDetails(void)
  sensor_t sensor;
  Serial.print  ("Sensor:       "); Serial.println(sensor.name);
  Serial.print  ("Driver Ver:   "); Serial.println(sensor.version);
  Serial.print  ("Unique ID:    "); Serial.println(sensor.sensor_id);
  Serial.print  ("Max Value:    "); Serial.print(sensor.max_value); Serial.println(" rad/s");
  Serial.print  ("Min Value:    "); Serial.print(sensor.min_value); Serial.println(" rad/s");
  Serial.print  ("Resolution:   "); Serial.print(sensor.resolution); Serial.println(" rad/s");  

void setup(void) 
  Serial.println("Gyroscope Test"); Serial.println("");
  /* Enable auto-ranging */
  /* Initialise the sensor */
    /* There was a problem detecting the L3GD20 ... check your connections */
    Serial.println("Ooops, no L3GD20 detected ... Check your wiring!");
  /* Display some basic information on this sensor */

void loop(void) 
  /* Get a new sensor event */ 
  sensors_event_t event; 
  /* Display the results (speed is measured in rad/s) */
  Serial.print("X: "); Serial.print(event.gyro.x); Serial.print("  ");
  Serial.print("Y: "); Serial.print(event.gyro.y); Serial.print("  ");
  Serial.print("Z: "); Serial.print(event.gyro.z); Serial.print("  ");
  Serial.println("rad/s ");

The code runs until the gyro.begin() where it just stops. I’ve alrady checked the soldering and the cables.

Did anybody here have the same issue before?

Try the I2C address scanner to see if the device is detected.

You are always taking a chance when buying eBay clones.

The I2C scanner detects 4 devices:

I2C device found at address 0x19 !
I2C device found at address 0x1E !
I2C device found at address 0x69 !
I2C device found at address 0x77 !

I don't think it's a hardware problem as the code simply stops at initializing and isn't printing out an error

If this message is not printed, then the Adafruit library is not seeing what it expects to see. Regardless of the actual problem.

    /* There was a problem detecting the L3GD20 ... check your connections */
    Serial.println("Ooops, no L3GD20 detected ... Check your wiring!");

There are two possible I2C addresses for the gyro.