la fonera: wifi serial

Okay, so i saw this site and proptly bought the la fonera router.

I've got DD-WRT flashed onto it but now im pretty much stumped. I know how to attach the la fonera to th TX and RX of my arduino but in terms of sending and recieving data, i have no idea. If i have a script on the arduino that sends serial, where does it end up? Sending serial commands to the arduino sounds easier. Probably some php would do it. Any ideas?

Have you read the Arduino code on that page you linked to? It's sending characters over serial to a command line on the fonera router.

What it looks like it's doing is responding to "Username" and "Password" prompts with "root" and "admin", so it's logging in to the fonera as the root user. Then it's running the "telnet" command to connect (wirelessly) to the PC running a server written in Processing, and then looping round constantly sending the value from an analogRead of a pin with a pot on it. The Processing sketch receives those numbers and rotates the colour cube on the screen accordingly.


wow! how did i miss that! seems pretty simple. this could be a cool way to control the arduino straight from the iphone! I'll post back here once of got some stuff set up. get some good documentation up.

Thanks a lot.

And here's something else you can do once your Arduino can telnet to servers:

You can also use the same trick to receive emails by telnetting to a POP3 server (port 110) and sending the appropriate commands, grab web pages (telnet to port 80) and probably other things too.


nice one! that’s some cool stuff, i’ll keep digging.
I know its been done before but i just had a cool idea run the fenora off batteries (already tested that) and attach it to an arduino connected to an rc car.
Iphone connects to the fenora meaning completey standalone, no laptop etc.

Im trying to work out how to get osc commands through telnet to the arduino…shouldn’t be too difficult since osc is all ip and ports but can you send them over serial?

Another thing:
The stuff about 9600 baud, do i need to worry about this?
Looks like sending serial to the arduino is pretty easy
echo “it worked! w00t!” > /dev/tts/0

osc - I have no idea what that is I'm afraid.

The stuff about 9600 baud, do i need to worry about this?

Yes, you need to make sure that the Arduino serial and the fonera serial are "talking" at the same rate.