labview and arduino over internet

i am asking about using arduino for controlling a led over internet using labview >>> so the labview is in a remote position from the arduino and the connectivity will be through the internet only >> plz tell me how to do this communication over the internet

Have you worked through any of the supplied ethernet examples, or looked for example code in the Playground?

i have an ethernet shield with sd slod for card memory but i nee d to know how to use it

If you open the IDE, and click on File/Examples/Ethernet, you'll find ready-written examples to help you.

is this examples covers labview communication

How does Labview communicate over the internet with anything? If you don't know the answer to that, a Labview forum might be a better place to find out.

At the below prices, one would think labview would supply some type of user technical support.

Those prices do include a years support. There are student editions, available through educational establishments, that are $20-$40. They possibly don’t include direct support.