labview - arduino - dynamixel servos.

hello! I have been playing with labview last week. I found that labview has some useful tools for robotics. Visual toolkit in my case (i want to build a robot with visual servoing control)... and i really like its G languaje, or data flow programming approach. that labview uses. Lifa (labview interface for arduino) is useful too. Im not yet expert, but i find it quite cool.

my problem is: where I live there is no way to find futaba or hitec servos. There are only Tower pro servos. Though cheap and with nice torque, they shake when used, and has no stability. so, they are not the best choice for a vision controlled robot... but there are some dynamixel ax servos. quite expensive, but they look powerful.

Surfing on the web i found that there are some ways to operate those servos with the arduino, but they use the same communication way that use the labview to transfer data to the arduino. I dont know if there is some way to connect those servos and send them the pwm signals from the labview enviroment.

i have two arduinos, an uno and a mega.

one is already with code on it. The lifa_base archive that allows to use the micro as a "bridge" to use from labview. I want to use that arduino to acquire some sensor data, and show it on a labview program. Something like a SCADA. The other is the one with the servo controller on it.

What I though was: use the labview to acquire information from the webcam, then send the parameters from one computer to another with... ethernet connection or something (because, as i understand it, the dynamixel servos need to use one exclusive usb port), then, that computer send those data to an arduino, and from there to the servos. I need to use the data that vision on labview generates for the coordinates to operate those servos.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the bad english, not my mother languaje.