labview interface

im trying to upload the LabVIEWInterface.ino file on an arduino mega2560 but the following error message is appearing:

In file included from LabVIEWInterface.ino:20:0: C:\software\arduino\libraries\RobotIRremote\src/IRremoteInt.h:187:23: error: 'RAWBUF' was not declared in this scope unsigned int rawbuf[RAWBUF]; // raw data ^ LabVIEWInterface:77: error: 'IRsend' does not name a type LabVIEWInterface.ino: In function 'void processCommand(unsigned char*)': LabVIEWInterface:542: error: 'irsend' was not declared in this scope 'IRsend' does not name a type

difficult to see without all the code …

well, it has told you what it can't find. Look for those names in header file or library files on your computer and make sure they are in the correct directories.