LabVIEW to program Arduino to control LED driver Via SPI

I am trying to create a SubVI in LabVIEW that will control the light intensity of 4 different types of LEDs through the use of a LED driver STP04cm05 and the Arduino Uno. I keep getting errors while trying to communicate with the Arduino and it is my belief that it may have something to do with maybe my byte size, word size, or clock divider. It could also be how I am trying to send the information to the LED Driver. I have the code written in the arduino IDE and it works fine but apparently I stink at translating this into LabVIEW. I could really use some help with this since I am not very good. So please please help me. I am attaching the LabVIEW Vis’, the datasheet for the LED driver and the Arduino code so that the shift PWM scheme I am trying to implement is understood. Thank you for all your time and effort

Link to LED application file (Shift PWM is discribed on pg 44)

LED driver DataSheet (21.4 KB)