Ok, once i receive my Arduino Due i plan on figuring out LabVIEW Embedded for ARM. I am throwing this out there to see if anyone has already done the work? or if anyone is interested in the work? or the outcome?

I do a lot of work with FIRST Robotics, and my team's language of choice is LabVIEW, and i am hoping the DUE will be powerful enough for students to play with and be able to do a lot with.

I have never worked with ARM Processors, and it's going to be a challenge for me to port this over. if i do end up getting it ported over, i am hoping the Graphical Debugging and Familiar language will get more students interested in the affordable platform which is the Arduino. The end goal of porting it is full controll of:

  • PWM
  • Digital Out
  • Digital In
  • ?Analog Out? (not to shur how)
  • Analog In
  • Interrupts

TL;DR: Has Anyone Ported the DUE as a LabVIEW Target? Is there interest in having the DUE as a Target?

I think what you're looking for is the Labview Interface for Arduino Toolkit, seen here:

It doesn't officially work with the Due but I've made a stripped down version that should be able to accomplish most (maybe all) of what you're saying here, at the very least it's a solid start. I've successfully tested most of what you mentioned with it. What you'll need is the firmware load attached here + the VI set at the first link.

No the LIFA cannont be acutaly programed onto the Arduino, All the processing has been lifted from the Arduino, and onto the computer.

Once i get the ARM Target set up. i should be able to program the DUE in labView. Debug the softwere using LabView, graphical front ends, probe the code (see what the output of any step is), and disconnect it from the computer and it will still work.

Most of the work has been done to get the Real Time Agent + Kernal onto the SAM3X8E processor. now i just need a JTAG Programmer/DeBugger, to see if it will actualy work.

Yes, I should have payed more attention when you said "LabVIEW Embedded for ARM". I'd be interested in this as well. Please keep us updated.

All good, thank you for the LIFA Link for the stripped version.

My "Financial adviser" (Girl Friend) is stopping me from spending more money on this project for ~ 2 weeks. so i will need to wait till a JTAG Programmer goes missing from work, or i get more budget for this project.

I am going to be keepign this thread updated, along with one on redit.

As of right now i am frozen at testing basic code form Kiel uVision. on the SAM3X8E. i am going to buy the J-Link EDU for $60 asap.