Lack of PWM

OK so maybe this issue has been solved. Iv been googling and googling but haven't found a solution.

My problem/question is this, i want to use about 10 RGB LED's for my project. however each RGB LED takes up 3 PWM slots, you run out very quickly.

i was wondering if there was a shield out there that could help me do this, or some kind of thing i could build etc..
My first idea was to go to the mega, but that only allows 4 LEDs
I also did some reserch on things like rainbowdrino and lightrino, i dont know if these things actually help me because its hard for me to even understand what i need!

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated!


Will allow you to drive 8 RGB LED's with PWM.

It looks perfect, however alittle intimidating for a beginner. i was hoping for a more prepackaged solution with friendly source code. Nothing wrong with optimism! But hey! New chance to learn!

I have been trying to find some source code so i can have an idea if i will be able to use it and how it works, from what i gather:

If i buy it and stick it on a breadboard would it function just like the OctoBrite DEFILIPPI essentially?

Is this my simplest solution? Maybe theres no need to be intimidated?
Thanks for the reply!

Jack - check out the "112 RGB LED Coffee Table" in the Exhibition forum; there's a good example of controlling lots of LEDs using a single (well, 2) Arduinos. There's even source code.