Lady Ada's bedazzler ported!

ported Lady Ada's bedazzler to Android, Arduino, blinkM

Was wondering when someone would do this.

I tried sending myself and my friends here, against your advice :). It did give me a bit of a headache, but no "dazzle". Possibly due to it being only a small portion of my screen or my LCD not being too bright. Also I could see the image "tearing", so perhaps it wasn't working too well with my refresh rate or something, maybe a low res CRT would help.

Although, some minutes after watching it, I do still have a bit of a dizzy headache. Wouldn't stop me from throwing petrol bombs if thats what I was already doing though, lol.

Yes, I did have the tearing aswell, perhaps if one would do an openGL full screen program? :)

It does give an indication on how effective it could be though, the bedazzler with it's full amount of LED's and lot's of light is probably far more effective! we'll just have to wait until lady Ada and her crew makes a comparison!

Yes, I think part of the trick is having it cover your entire field of vision, after a short burst you wouldn't be able to see much at all.

I would like to try and make one on PC, but I'm struggling to find an explanation of the actual pattern that it uses. Does it just turn some green and blue LEDs on and then off? Thats what I get from the source code on, the bedazzle mode anyway.

jup at specific hz, your pest bet is probably to take one of nehe's opengl tutorials and modify the clear background color at that hz.

I have done a few experiments but it just doesn't seem to really work. I'm going to partially blame the use of an LCD screen. It certainly can make your eyes sore and give you a headache, but no real nausea or "sea sickness". It's still not quite exactly how lady ada's works, I've been doing the delays through changing the framerate instead of a proper delay function.

I shall dig out a CRT monitor later and have a go in a dark room with the contrast right up :)

I find that making a bit of a "tube" with my hands to look through (so the flashing is the only thing you can see) helps.

If you want to check it out I can try and upload it somewhere?

I'm fine thanx. Great to se that you are having fun with it, but I dont really need to test right now :)