LadyAda MotorShield help

I have one of these motorshields and am trying to control the steppers with a potentiameter. Problem is that I have no idea what the pin for the step and direction are. Trying to use the AF library with the Sample code in the arduino does not work without knowing what pins are which. Can anyone point me to a schematic of the Motorshield besides the one on Adafruit Industries site? Better yet, can anyone point me to a site or URL that has someone that has successfully interfaced the shield to a Pot?

Thanks to all in advance.


No problems posting your question here, but I'll point out that Adafruit has its own product support forum, on which you should be able to find users and support for the board.

Thank you halley.

I have already posted on that board but no reply yet. I was hoping someone here has successfully used this board in the configuration I specified. There is a bunch more traffic here on this forum and I was just casting a larger net in hopes of finding some answers.