Ladyada motorshield. No tutorial ?

Having purchased this board and downloaded the library I have spent a lot of time trying to find instructions /. tutorial on how to muse it. I keep going round in circles without finding out anything at all . Can someone please put me out of my misery ?


It's name is "Adafruit Motor Shield". This is on the Arduino Playground, This is the explanation for it, (don't forget the select the options from the menu on the left).

Did you know that clones are very cheap on Ebay,

Thanks, yes I got a clone from ebay. I have been to the two locations you suggest already and they were no real help at all. I think I must be missing something obvious (I am pretty new to all of this !). When I downloaded a library to run an mp3 module the provider gave a list of "method" which I presume each call a function in the library. I downloaded the library from adafruit which as instructed I renamed AFMotor (or something similar ) But how do I know what methods or calls I can make. In other words I haven't a clue what is actually in the library !

In the Arduino IDE, under examples, you will find some examples after the library is installed. Did you try the examples ?
The link to ladyada shows a few sketches, and they have lines like this: “;” Did you see them ?

Or if you try the sketch in the Playground section, the explanation is in the sketch itself.

What does a mp3 module have to do with the motor shield ?

OK Thanks. I obviously have to poke around amongst the examples. Seems a curious way to explain it, I would have thought there would be a simple list of functions ! ah well back to the drawing board. Reason for mp3 and motor shields is that I am building a talking scarecrow and the servos power the eyes !

Servos ? You don't need a motor shield for servos.

Use a good power supply for the Servos, and use a pin of the Arduino to the signal wire of the servo. That is all there is.

Right. I guess I'm being lazy ! Thought there might be a nice bit of code to change the speed at which the servo moves to help me learn a bit more about coding.but I have started to do as you suggest and try to write myself a piece of code... Thanks for the comment !