Lamp with touch sensor - problem

I’m building lamp with touch button. The problem is, it’s triggering every time someone turns on vacuum cleaner or other high power tools at home.
I use 12V power supply, LM2596 to drop voltage to 5V to power Arduino. I’m using bluepill. I have ttp223 sensor and ssr attached to pb8 and 9 port. I thought that it could be caused by noises from power supply, so to improve de-coupling I’ve added 10uF tantalum and 100nF ceramic capacitors close to arduino. I’ve attached my sensor’s schematics and connection schematic.
What can i do, to stabilize sensor, so it’s not triggered by roller blinders or vacuum cleaner?

Add a delay in software - require the sensor to be touched for 0.1 seconds should be enough to filter out those spikes, while still reacting seemingly instantly for a human observer.

However in my experience the ttp223 is pretty slow in reacting, taking nearly half a second to detect a touch and to detect removal of a finger, as such it should be pretty resistant to noise.

Starting a vacuum cleaner may cause a voltage dip in your home (I remember the old incandescents flicker when the washing machine switched its heating element), and that may cause your Arduino to act up. This requires a bit more serious decoupling. A big capacitor (think 470-1,000 µF electrolytic) is a good start. You may also consider adding a diode in the power supply line: this prevents power to flow back from the capacitor.

I agree with wvmarle, you need to improve your signal to noise ratio. Let's take a look at your code make sure there's no issues with your thresholds.