LAN to WIFI adapter

Must be a basic query for many :slight_smile:

I have an internet router given by my ISP that has only RJ45 ports to connect to PC/s.

I want to be able to access the internet on my smartphone via WiFi. Now what kind of adaptor do i need to convert the LAN signal and beam them up as WiFi signals ?

( If this cannot be done then of course I need to scrap the existing non WiFi and go for one of those routers that provide both RJ45 and WiFi )

Thanks !

google for "WIFI Access Point" or try any other plattform like Amazon

Thanks Noiasca !!

I was looking for that exact term. Earlier I tried " Ether to WiFi converter " and Google kept me busy with all kinds of WiFi adapters ... poor Google how much can that also guess !!

So now it looks there is some hope of getting the Internet to my smartphone without nagging the ISP to change my router to one with WiFi.

Planning to get one from TP Link as attached.