LANC for controlling a FS700

I’m the new owner of a FS700 ans I’m looking for a way to do a Record and stop button(maybee more option if it’s not to hard) for the camera.
I know the Lanc will work if I plug everything inside the rempote.

I read a lot on the internet, but the thing I dont understand it’s basicly where to start with the code.

I want a push button.
1 time record, 1time stop.

Here’s the link for the lanc hex code.

If you check the command 30 it’s stop and the rec is 3A

Can someone help me starting writing the code?

I’m not new in the arduino, but I play with LED and servo motor, not serialdata…

LANC ? ? ? ?
FS700 ? ? ? ?
What are they and what are you trying to do?
Links to specifications please.
Please read this before replying.,148850.0.html

Thnaks.. Hope to help.. Tom.... :slight_smile:

Try this