lap counter project

Hi, meanwhile I am somehow a semi-experienced Arduino user, so I want to get to the next level: A lapcounter project for motor sport

System Hardware car/ kart: Arduino Mini with IR LED sending a coed signal PC: Arduino Duemilanove with IR receiver sending data via USB

To get it completed I want to create a software at the PC: - receiving the laptimes from several vehicles with the signal coding - saving them into a file and call the file later for analysis (maybe as ASCII file) - showing the measured data on PC

Here is my question: What software should I use to create the (Windows) PC software. Ideally I want to have a EXE file I run and the thing experience is currently only on Arduino only... :-/

I’m writing something similar but for slot cars.

I use Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express edition, free download from for the PC program.

I will take a look to the software- thanks for the hint!

Any news from your project ?