Laptop LCD Light Fade with arduino?

I am trying to get old LCD screens from laptop computers to fade slowly from light to the little "sleep mode" light on apple computers. I don't need any images or text displayed on the LCDs, just light (like the "flashlight ap" on the iphone). Can I do this with arduino? Or, alternately, what else could I try? I'd like to have the original laptop monitor frame, so I'm trying not to use general LCD screens. Thanks for helping!

Old laptop screen back lights need high voltage power to turn on, which is one of the parts that fail when the laptop ages. If the laptop is operable and can load windows or mac os, I suggest software solution. Hacking into it is difficult.

google around for "EL panel", that might be what you are looking for. Although in some cases a junk laptop screen might be cheaper.....

--- bill