Large 90+ Xbee/Wireless network

Hi there,

I'm looking to spec a project that has around 90 physical objects mounted in a space on rotating plates, and I'd like to get the data on whether or not each object is spinning or stationary. I looked at a couple different wireless options and it seemed like Xbee Series 1 would be the best bet. I could put a PIR sensor or accelerometer and connect it directly to the Xbee and send the data back to something like an Xbee USB explorer or just an Xbee hooked up to an Uno connected to my computer. It seems like I can do a star topology network.

There is a budget, so if that kind of raw data would flood the network, I could put an Xbee and Uno + sensor at every object, so the Uno could turn the movement data into a simple 0 and 1.

I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on whether this seems to fall in line with what Xbees are good at, and if not, if there are better recommendations for hardware to use. I read up on similar Xbee networks, but nothing of this large scale, so I just wanted to get more experienced users blessings!


I think that would work, but it sounds like quite an expensive approach. What sort of wireless range and data speed do you need?

I think we'll need about 50m with more or less line of sight, maybe a person will be in the way if they're walking by.

Data speed, I'm not sure technically. Since we'd like the movement state to trigger some localized audio, we could even work with something as simple as a 0 or 1 state based on whether it is still or moving, and then I could fade up audio in that region. As fast as possible, but I could sacrifice a little bit of speed if it means an easier load out or substantially lower cost. I figured with the Xbee I wouldn't need a microcontroller at each point, so it could make it easier to roll out.

A colleague of mine recommend Electric Imp platform, but although it looks great, I think it might drive up the cost quite a bit.

Would you personally go Wifi or RF over Xbee in this situation?

Bump! Thanks!