Large character LCD


Im in the search for a large character LCD (large number of characters that is). I have seen a few around in the past on old computers and equipment, however I cannot seem to find any available these days.

I have found this particular product which uses a 40x8 LCD.

I do not know any details about it however.

There are a few listed here, althought I cant find any of these available anymore.

Does anyone know of any current models which are in the 40x8 size?

I currently have a few 24x8 LCD's, however I am looking for more characters still. One with a serial backpack would be a perfect solution, however not essential.

Any help anyone can give would be magic.



Yeah exactly what I am finding. I have a few graphic LCD's, however physically their size is too small for what I am wanting for a project. The old character displays would have been perfect.

I may just have to use the 24x8 character display I have - it will be fine.


I noticed that one of those LCDs you referenced is actually a graphic model with a T6393C on it.

I have some that I think are similar that I bought back when Personics folded and their consoles got scrapped. They have a "backpack" board with a Motorola CPU (6801?? 68HC11??) that emulates a VT100 terminal. That sounds kinda like what you want.

One caveat: they're probably real power hogs. Among other things, there's an inverter that drives an EL backlight for the display. And I think there's some LSTTL logic on the backpack board (It's been a long time since I got out the box and looked at them closely). If your project is battery powered, they might be unsuitable.

If they sound interesting, drop me a PM or email, and I'll go fetch a couple out of the shed to check them out for you.

PM'ed you Ran - Thanks

Hello to all who are interested in this display,

I found a supplier for this LCD. It probably does not have any drivers etc. The site is:

1 US$ a piece.

Hey That is the same display as I have by the looks of it. $1US a piece is damn cheap, but has a minimum order of 100 units.

They are a serial backpack enabled LCD, so you just connect it direct to your arduino to send data to it via the TX pin, but it does need a -9V power source which you can get from a MAX232 chip easily.

Nice find though. The site suggests it has a white backlight though, which I know mine does not have. Unless its slightly different I can only assume that is not correct, but I am about to email them to find more info.

Another thing though, this LCD most likely is a RAW LCD out of the original AT&T terminals, and I doubt it would have the modified EEPROM installed into the back of the unit in order to send it stuff from PC's or Arduino etc. I have another post about this.

Thanks for the link though James